WOW! How time flies when your…

Crazy busy!!!

The retreat I went on earlier this month was a Healing Through Art event…it was amazing! I learned a lot about myself and had the understanding that I have been suppressing a lot I didn’t even realize. While speaking about it with one of the leaders I figured out that every time I was not following my dreams, when I was denying my desires, tried to support/please/stayed with someone, I was actually betraying myself…WOW!

It made me wonder in how many different ways we have or can betray ourselves. Have you had a life changing realization? Have you discovered that you have betrayed yourself in some way?

The big question now is…how do we heal ourselves? I am embracing a program that will help me map out my path back to my deeper and higher self. I hope to dig a great deal deeper than I have previously, which I am hoping will bring me to a higher level of functioning spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

What are you doing to go deeper and higher? I learn a great deal from Super Soul Sunday (OWN) which inspires me to fulfill the desires to move forward, upward and onward. I know the only way to do this is through positive language and thoughts as we are either moving toward love or toward fear. I have no desire to deepen my confining levels of fear, that’s a really unhappy place to be 🙂

I am looking forward to opening up my new Desire Map (Danielle Laporte) information and get started in re-motivating myself to accomplish my spirit and heart goals! Commitment and dedication to progress is the only way for me to go 8-D!

Bright Blessings to you all, Eileen

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