The snake who cannot shed his/her skin will die…

What does that make you think about? I am watching the movie, Finding Joe on Gaia TV and this quote was stated in the discussion about growth. Do you ever feel grownup growing pains when your life is shifting? I am feeling them right now! Life seems to be coming toward me at 100 mph right now and I am fighting feeling overwhelmed by it all. 

It is all just every day type of things happening like getting new windows in my home and remodeling the shower downstairs, and taking kids to their needed destinations. There is some prep work of course and phone calls to be made, etc, etc. No big deal, right?

I think what I find more overwhelming is the internal growth taking place as I am no longer taking care of my mom and perhaps I am still going through the grieving process. It is a process after all and takes time to swim through the levels of this pool of feelings. I told myself that grieving wouldn’t be as difficult for me because I have definite beliefs and understandings about the next step in our eternal progression. Wrong!!! which makes me laugh at myself for thinking I am above certain human conditions and experiences.

I am still human and have to experience all these wonderful human things that everyone has to go through. My journey may look easy to someone on the outside, and some one else’s journey may appear easier to me (on the outside). However, I need to remember that we all have different growth experiences that are exclusive to us alone. Everyone is going through their own growth here on this earth and the best thing I can do is show compassion, empathy, and love based thinking toward all, including myself!

What growth are you being humbled by these days? Do you feel grownup growing pains? Please share your growing pains with us 😉 

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