Hi, I am Eileen! Thank you for visiting my blog site and reading about who I am. I am looking forward to getting to know you too!!!

I am sure you have heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life handed me a bunch of lemons within a few years time and this is part of me making lemonade, which at times may be a bit on the tart side ;-D

I had been thinking that I needed to make changes to my life and go in a bit of a different direction while still serving others in helping them achieve their goals, gaining insight into themselves, and going deeper into their spiritual side. I was doing this as a chemical dependency counselor. I also was NOT doing all the things that I knew helped others achieve these goals. I read about it, especially testimonials, but had not applied the principles to myself on that deeper level, and I knew it and I felt the universe telling me to go deeper.

I believe it was Heavenly Father’s (and/or the universes) way of getting me to slow down and go deeper. This is the timeline of what happened:

October 2010 = sprained ankle

April 2011 = sprained ankle (same one)

Stil not slowing down and listening to the messages I was getting, at least not on a deep enough level.

June 2011 = walked into a what I thought was a room (I was working a 2nd job at a new building I wasn’t familiar with), which ended up being a staircase down to the basement. I lost my balance, was knocked unconscious, and fell down the staircase receiving a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and was off work for 3 months. I went to a lot of different types of therapists to work through the effects of the concussion. I had a lot of vestibular damage, you can read more about the long term effects of this at: http://vestibular.org/understanding-vestibular-disorder/symptoms.

September 2011 = went back to work at my regular job and struggled (working on thinking about what I can do to support myself, but not really slowing down enough since I had to work my brain twice as hard to get close to the same results I got before the TBI. This was an exhausting process and I felt as if I would never catch up let alone reach the level of productivity I was once capable of.

August 2011 by daughter Ashley took me to get a dog for therapy and I adopted Ginger a mixed hound dog 😉

April 2012 = Man in a truck ran a stop sign and we collided, re=aggravating my head injury.

June 2012 = Changed jobs to see if a different work place would make a difference and I couldn’t get out of the probationary period due to the decreased functioning of my brain. I came clean with the clinical supervisor about why my work wasn’t where it should be (TBI), and the people were wonderfully compassionate and allowed me to work part time. After a month they did some cutbacks and of course my job was eliminated and I was to be laid off on January 15, 2013 with strong encouragement to go on disability.

August 2012 Ginger and my daughter Ashley’s dog Penny got out of the gate and ran off. They were gone over night and the next day Penny came back alone so I lost my dog. We put up flyers band called around, placed an add on Craig’s List and Facebook, but no Ginger 😦 She was gone!

January 11, 2013 = Thought I had the flu, turned out my bowel was tied in a knot and that portion died and was on the verge of rupturing which I am told might have killed me. I went to the ER and was blessed by the gastroenterologist being the doctor in the ER that night. I was in surgery within and hour and a half and laid in the hospital with IV antibiotics for 7 full days. Now I am really thinking about slowing down and listening intently to my God and his universal message to me!!! Pretty scary when it takes a literal hit on the head to start listening to that still small voice ;=)

I recuperated for a while and applied for disability in August and started looking for ways to compensate for my reduced income that would serve others and allow me to practice what I preach. I completed training as a Life Coach and as a Master Spirit Life Coach and became certified by the CCA. I started doing well in this new direction and enjoyed it quite a bit but wasn’t yet looking inward and applying my knowledge to myself.

In May of 2014 my dad went to heaven and my mom was unable to stay by herself due to increasing dementia and the physical aging process. I moved her in with me and this extra load made it difficult for me to work at Life Coaching at the level I wanted to which brought me to the decision to put Life Coaching on the back burner for a while (Am I listening yet???).

August 2016 my daughter Jessica got married and moved out 🙂

September of 2016 my daughter Shannon moved in with her 3 boys to help with my mom who had become bed-ridden in early August. That very same day my mom went to heaven. She was not a true believer of all things eternal and I would have loved to have seen the look on her face when she crossed into heaven and was greeted by her dearly departed!!!! Having these eternal beliefs I didn’t think the grieving process would hit me as hard as it might others-WRONG!!! I thought I could just pick up my life where I left off, refresh my thinking and get going again. There were major adjustments to life with 3 boys in the house (and my daughter) and I realized I hadn’t really grieved my father’s passing let alone my moms. Maybe now I will start looking inward and apply the principles and knowledge I had to myself ;=O

This blog is part of my work to go deeper within my own self and my own spirit, and to gain even more insight by sharing it with others and hearing how others are learning and growing in their own lives.

Welcome to my world of spiritual growth!

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