You Can Heal Your Life

This is a book title series by Louise Hay who publishes through her very own company Hay House! She started her growth in this healing area when she was past 50 years old-this gives me hope 😉

Please know that I am hoping to express all of this in a positive light and not looking to be seen as a victim-I have a good sense of humor and I’m not afraid to laugh at myself, I only want spiritual and emotional growth from all my experiences-good and bad 😉 

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions 😉

I have been spiraling downward toward depression which has shown up in my lack of communication here and with others in my family and out-not good! I am realizing that this is my “the dark night of my soul.” I know this is an opportunity for growth but along the way I have lost sight of the knowledge I have that God is in control, He has a plan, He is mindful of me and my situation, and every experience offers a learning opportunity for my most highest good.

Being depressed has made me susceptible to physical illness which has shown up as bronchitis and migraine headaches. After returning from Maui I came down with bronchitis (April 10th) and it hasn’t completely cleared up since. After being on antibiotics several times, I prayed to know what I needed to take that’s natural, and was told ‘colloidal silver.’ I also asked the health store representative what else I can take to knock this out, and she suggested grapefruit seed extract. I started both and have been doing much better-YEA!!! The migraines have been lifting too (I’m sure all the coughing didn’t helped the healing process)!

Due to my belief that this life is a healing and learning journey and the depressed state of my being, I scheduled several appointments with Angela Hanna (owner at Integrated Energy Wellness I hope I did this link to her website correctly), a Body Code Healer/Chakra alignment specialist/and several other certifications 😉 As usual she has been able to pinpoint the emotional pain I am holding in my body which is causing illness. She is great at seeing the negative beliefs we hold which keep us stuck and I have my share!!!

One of the things she told me about is that we hold grief in our lungs. This tells me that I have not properly addressed my grief of my parents passing (Dad in 2014 and Mom in September 2016). I told myself that the grieving process wouldn’t effect me as deeply as it might effect others because of the knowledge I hold true of a beautiful life after our earthly experience/journey is over. I would have loved to see my mom’s face when she crossed over into heaven and all her dearly departed greeted her (she thought this was just hopeful thinking and when we die there is nothing more) and she saw and felt all the incredible love in heaven. My mom and I didn’t have the best relationship due to the life pain she carried with her and projected onto those around her. She could be cold and unkind and believed that those around her were responsible for her unhappiness (this can be an entirely different blog discussion ;-)). I also have a tendency to take care of others before I take care of myself to the extreme of neglecting myself and stuffing my own feelings/needs. This is not healthy on a lot of levels!!!

While being a drug and alcohol counselor I had a great number of tools I had collected and used with my clients. It is time for me to work on me and welcome any input from those who choose to read this. I remembered having the Louise L. Hay series You Can Heal Your Life which includes a workbook! We have to heal before we can grow, I believe it is part of the growing process and makes it all so much more rewarding. 

My plan is to get up an hour earlier and following this schedule:

  • Meditate
  • Read and do workbook in You Can Heal Your Life
  • Enter Blog comments on learning and growth
  • Eat something light
  • Exercise
  • Clean up
  • Snack/light meal
  • Bring order to my life or
  • Sew/create
  • Grandkids time
  • Meal prep/clean up

Granted this may not be in this order every day and I may skip an item or two in the list depending on the day. It’s extremely important to remain flexible and to be gentle with ourselves when going through the healing process and when developing new positive habits to help us on this journey 😉

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions 😉

Bright blessings to you always, Eileen



The snake who cannot shed his/her skin will die…

What does that make you think about? I am watching the movie, Finding Joe on Gaia TV and this quote was stated in the discussion about growth. Do you ever feel grownup growing pains when your life is shifting? I am feeling them right now! Life seems to be coming toward me at 100 mph right now and I am fighting feeling overwhelmed by it all. 

It is all just every day type of things happening like getting new windows in my home and remodeling the shower downstairs, and taking kids to their needed destinations. There is some prep work of course and phone calls to be made, etc, etc. No big deal, right?

I think what I find more overwhelming is the internal growth taking place as I am no longer taking care of my mom and perhaps I am still going through the grieving process. It is a process after all and takes time to swim through the levels of this pool of feelings. I told myself that grieving wouldn’t be as difficult for me because I have definite beliefs and understandings about the next step in our eternal progression. Wrong!!! which makes me laugh at myself for thinking I am above certain human conditions and experiences.

I am still human and have to experience all these wonderful human things that everyone has to go through. My journey may look easy to someone on the outside, and some one else’s journey may appear easier to me (on the outside). However, I need to remember that we all have different growth experiences that are exclusive to us alone. Everyone is going through their own growth here on this earth and the best thing I can do is show compassion, empathy, and love based thinking toward all, including myself!

What growth are you being humbled by these days? Do you feel grownup growing pains? Please share your growing pains with us 😉 

WOW! How time flies when your…

Crazy busy!!!

The retreat I went on earlier this month was a Healing Through Art event…it was amazing! I learned a lot about myself and had the understanding that I have been suppressing a lot I didn’t even realize. While speaking about it with one of the leaders I figured out that every time I was not following my dreams, when I was denying my desires, tried to support/please/stayed with someone, I was actually betraying myself…WOW!

It made me wonder in how many different ways we have or can betray ourselves. Have you had a life changing realization? Have you discovered that you have betrayed yourself in some way?

The big question now is…how do we heal ourselves? I am embracing a program that will help me map out my path back to my deeper and higher self. I hope to dig a great deal deeper than I have previously, which I am hoping will bring me to a higher level of functioning spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

What are you doing to go deeper and higher? I learn a great deal from Super Soul Sunday (OWN) which inspires me to fulfill the desires to move forward, upward and onward. I know the only way to do this is through positive language and thoughts as we are either moving toward love or toward fear. I have no desire to deepen my confining levels of fear, that’s a really unhappy place to be 🙂

I am looking forward to opening up my new Desire Map (Danielle Laporte) information and get started in re-motivating myself to accomplish my spirit and heart goals! Commitment and dedication to progress is the only way for me to go 8-D!

Bright Blessings to you all, Eileen

Loss and grieving spiritual separation

On September 24, 2016 my mother’s spirit went back to heaven to join all of our dear loved ones.  We are eternal beings and being separated from those we love is not natural to us. I found this quote helpful in coping with my separation loved family members, “

We Are Not Made for Endings

In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings.

Why is this? Because we are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings, children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless13 and who promises eternal blessings without number. Endings are not our destiny.

The more we learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more we realize that endings here in mortality are not endings at all. They are merely interruptions—temporary pauses that one day will seem small compared to the eternal joy awaiting the faithful.

How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father that in His plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings. –Elder Uchtdorf, The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-Day Saints 

Having spiritual roots helps me tremendously in coping with the difficulties in life and continuing to be grateful for my many blessings. It also helps me be vulnerable with expressing my feelings once I figure out what I am actually feeling.

Right now I am grieving the passing of my mother with brings back feelings of missing my dad as well.

Are you going through the grieving process? Have you come to a place of acceptance with your loss? Who are you missing? How do you show your grieving? Is it easier when around some people and more difficult when around other people?

I hope this helped someone think on a little deeper level and process some feelings. Some times we believe we have accepted a loss and then one day something triggers all those pains of the initial loss-BOOM-here’s a ton of feelings. That can give a person a feeling of great aloneness. However, if we feel/center on our heart, we can feel the gentle spirit of love and light offered by our constant companion (call it what you will; spirit, light, universe, God, Jesus, creator, good orderly direction…let me know  your truth, share with us all; tell your story, show up, be seen ❤  Until next time, strive for more connection, live your truth, and be shame free 😉

It’s Tuesday Already!

Friday came and went way too fast! Last week I attended two different support type groups which were helpful to me. One of the groups is to develop shame resiliency and is using a book by one of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW titled I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t)! The course work being used is called; Connections – A 12 Session Psychoeducational Shame-Resilience Curriculum.

Have any of you read this treasure yet? I have been wanting to read it for a while as I have read many of her other books that have been enlightening in my personal growth. One reason I want to read it is because the use of shame in some families is an enormous factor in the breakdown of communication, relationships and our ability to blossom into a confident enough person to go after our own dreams. 

I think this will be an excellent topic of discussion on my blog as growth is what I’m about.  am looking into whether or not it is kosher for me to discuss what I’m learning and quote various statements.

As a Certified Life Empowerment Coach I am looking forward to taking Brene’s course to become a certified Daring Greatly Facilitator. One of the requirements for this is to read this book being used in the support group and two of her other books, The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly.

In this group I will be learning what shame is, what it is not, and what shame resilience looks like. I hope you all will join me in the learning process and discuss this issue that is used in so many ways to control and subdue others, to us and by us.

Make today an excellent day and know you are loved ❤  


It’s a New Day – September 12, 2016


Good evening everyone! I hope all is well with you today and whatever difficulties that came up were something you can learn and grow from. 

What experiences have you had that helped you grow in some way today?

One thing I am struggling with is just how to do everything I want on this website. I can’t seem to figure a few things out like how to change the font and the size…I will have to get my book down and take a look-lol!!! It will all come together eventually 😉

I am always looking to know what brings growth, especially spiritual growth to each individual, so please share!!!

My 92 year old mother fell about a month ago, broke her arm and after a week stay in the hospital with various health problems, she was sent home with Hospice. Giving service is my main love language so being her caregiver is a labor of love for me. However, the constancy of it has been wearing me out.

The Lord blessed me with a daughter who has grown wise and saw this situation for what it is and she offered a solution that will help both of us. She will quit her dead end job, move in with me with her 3 boys, and we will take shifts-brilliant!

Naturally, there will be adjustments on both our parts, fortunately I have a fairly large house with a day-light basement. We are both wanting to grow spiritually and are hoping to be able to work together to enhance our spiritual lives and especially the lives of her boys. Some of the things we want to start practicing are meditation, daily scripture study, family prayer, and EFT (Emotionally Freeing Technique or Tapping).

What do you do to cope with daily life? What spiritual practices do you enjoy?

Reading spiritual themed books helps me gain positive insight that helps me change my thinking and my relationship with my Heavenly Father. One of the books I am looking at reading is A Course In Miracles. Have any of you read studied it? I believe it will be a quite an undertaking, however, if I read and discuss it here we will all gain deeper insight and connection.

I’m excited to hear from each of you and hopefully the numbers will grow right along with your spirits!!!

September 11, 2016

I am finally going public!!!

I welcome comments, questions, and your stories of life joys, pains and the spiritual growth we are all striving for.

Disclaimer: Please keep it clean and on subject. If you came here to trash talk or degrade anyone, I reserve the right to delete those comments and block negative posters!  (We are our own worst critics, we don’t need other negativity added to what is already difficult at times and wonderfully blessed through it all)!

First I must wish my brother Gavi a Happy Happy Birthday!!! And all who were effected in any way, shape, or form (pretty much everyone) by 9/11…have a blessed Patriots Day!!!

Next, I need to start going public with my reality. I have been learning that whatever I’m feeling, I am not alone and perhaps I can put words to the way someone else is feeling as well, or at least open a door for others to express their feelings of pain and growth.

The Basics of Who I Am:

  • I believe all things are spiritual and eternal!

  • We are either moving toward love or moving away from love (love based thinking verses fear based thinking).

  • We are all connected

  • All things are made up of energy, even rocks but especially “living” things, and all things have a vibrational frequency.

  • Growth can be painful!

  • I’m not even close to being perfect  -LOL!!!

  • Feelings are not good or bad, right or wrong, they just are and the sooner we own and embrace our feelings the sooner we will grow from them and be able to move on to higher insight and thereby living a more love based life. He teaches us line upon line, precept upon precept.

♥ So…here I go! Pray for me and wish me blessings on this journey ♥

I watched Super Soul Sunday this morning (naturally) with Glennon Doyle Melton, who wrote; Love Warrior, A Memoir. I want to thank her (and Oprah’s timing) for opening the door to expressing our pain from childhood through… This is why I have set up a “blog” here on WordPress.

I haven’t gone public yet because I was raised to think that no one wanted to hear what I had to say. No matter what I said, did, or how I looked it was wrong and unacceptable. I started to feel real after I found my Savoir (This is why a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit is on my shelf; feeling loved brings the realization of love based thinking). I also have not gone public due to a fear of some family members attempting to somehow use my words against me (yes, I have people like that in my family too) or somehow think I was talking specifically about them (as if there weren’t a gazillion other things to discuss…)

Now, knowing my Savior is the only thing keeping me going some days. Please read the about me section for further explanation as to why I’m back to this negative thought process). Because of my beliefs I would never do suicide, but there are times when I would love to be done with this life. There are times when the pain of this world (and some of the people in it) is tough and exhausting and I want to “go home.”

I think I will close for now and contemplate what topics to touch on that will bring a more love based life while owning my own feelings and staying positive through these life experiences. Please feel free to suggest topics or experiences that you would like to discuss 😉


Embracing Change

I am passionate about embracing change! Life has thrown me several curve balls in recent years, and I am willing and desire to make the changes life requires of me in order for me to be the truly vibrant spirit my Creator intended me to be. We are here together to help each other out and up, to make each others’ journey a bit lighter and more enjoyable. We are here together to love and embrace each other through pain and joy.